You may submit a nominee for consideration in any of the five categories below.
Eligible nominees include individuals, teams, companies, programs, practices and/or products within the property and casualty insurance industry. Submitters may nominate a candidate for more than one category, however, you must submit a separate nomination for each category, and each submission must be unique to the specific category.

Claims Innovation

Honorees in this category thoroughly understand the impact that a single claim can have on policyholder satisfaction. They foster progressive tools and practices to manage claims, and further fraud and claims mitigation.

Coverage Innovation

Insurance reflects the world. As societies shift, so too should insurance options. Honorees in this category are furthering fresh approaches to protecting today’s diverse policyholders.

Risk Management Innovation

Honorees in this category find fresh and inventive ways to address insurer and insured risks while fostering advanced thinking and action when it comes to risk-related communication and mitigation.

Technology Innovation

Honorees in this category are pacesetters who push insurance carriers, organizations, vendors, agencies and brokerages forward in terms of digitalization, modernization, and client and customer experiences.

Workplace Culture Innovation

Honorees in this category know how to promote the insurance industry as a great place to build a career. They actively support current insurance professionals and are engaged in finding and training new insurance stars. They are vested in fostering satisfied employees through diversity and inclusion initiatives, health and wellness programming, Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives, community service and more.