What are the PropertyCasualty360 Agency of the Year Awards?

The PropertyCasualty360 Agency of the Year Awards honors top independent insurance agencies from across the nation. The recognition highlights companies that have a unique, inspiring story to share, and embody success through best-in-class attributes and industry achievements.

Who may apply?

Nominations are open to independent agencies in the property and casualty insurance industry.

When do submissions close for the 2024 Agency of the Year Awards?

Nominations are open until August 16, 2024.

What information/data will I need to apply?

The complete nomination form, including all questions and word limits, is available for download here. Please note that this is for preparation purposes only. Final entries must be submitted online, via the nomination portal.
Submissions for organization nominees must include a high-resolution image of the company’s logo. All images must be in color, a minimum 300 dpi files and in .jpg format. Supplemental materials, such as files, documents, testimonials and links to public webpages or campaigns are acceptable.
Nominations must clearly convey quantitative and qualitative results regarding the nominee’s industry impact and accomplishments. We ask submitters to support their entries and statements with backup information – we love facts and figures. Don’t just tell us the nominee’s accomplishments, show us by sharing a brief story that illustrates their achievements.  

Is there a fee to nominate?

No. Submission to this recognition, as well as all of PropertyCasualty360.com's editorial content, is free.

How many nominees can I submit?

There is no limit to the number of candidates that a submitter can nominate.

Can I nominate my own agency?

Yes. We accept self-nominations, as well as third-party submissions.

I was selected for PropertyCasualty360’s Agency of the Year Awards last year. Can I apply again this year?

Candidates that were previously honored as Agency of the Year winners may be nominated once again by including updated details that do not mirror accomplishments from previous submissions.
View PropertyCasualty360’s 2023 Agency of the Year winners, here.

Is this award designated for U.S.-based agencies only?

Yes. The Agency of the Year Awards solely accepts U.S.-based agencies as eligible candidates.

Oops! I need to change something on my submission.

No problem! Click here to view or modify your entry.

How and when will the 2024 winners be notified of their selection?

Editorial staff will send email notifications to the Agency of the Year winners and their submitters in mid-September. 

How will the 2024 Agency of the Year winners be recognized?

The Insurance Luminaries will be profiled on PropertyCasualty360.com in October. The chosen companies will also be featured on a winners’ roundtable and they will gain additional recognition on PropertyCasualty360’s social channels and email newsletters.

How does the judging process work?

Upon the submission deadline, PropertyCasualty360’s team of judges carefully reviews each nomination without bias. The judges work diligently to select the industry’s most influential agencies across a variety of expertise. The judges base their decisions on an array of factors in correlation with the awards’ criteria and consider each nominee's different accomplishments and contributions. You may view more information on the judging process here