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Agency of the Year 2024

Property and casualty insurance is a complex but essential industry. Independent agencies must work to honor the rich history of the industry while embodying contemporary practices that truly serve today’s consumers. Agencies that endeavor to modernize and humanize insurance set a bright example within the industry. 

The 2024 Agency of the Year Awards honors top independent insurance agencies from across the nation that exemplify best-in-class attributes and impressive industry achievements. This award recognizes agencies that demonstrate success and have a unique, inspiring story to share. These are the agencies that strengthen client relationships in an increasingly digital world, implement the innovative tools to meet and exceed business goals, and prosper in today’s remote/hybrid work environment. This award highlights the companies that champion claims processing; carrier relationships; client satisfaction; social responsibility; adoption of new technology to accelerate processes; variety of business; customer service and more. 

The 2024 Agency of the Year Awards honor three independent insurance agencies selected by ProperyCasualty360’s seasoned editors. The Agency of the Year winners will be profiled on, featured in a winners’ roundtable and highlighted on PropertyCasualty360’s social media channels and email newsletters.

The nomination deadline is August 16, 2024

Once the nomination portal is closed, we will no longer accept submissions. 

What You Need to Know

  • There is no limit to the number of agencies that a submitter can nominate.
  • Each nomination must include a high-resolution image of the agency’s logo. Files must be in color and in .jpg format.  
  • The complete nomination form, including all questions and word limits, is available for download here. Please note that this is for preparation purposes only. Final entries must be submitted online via the nomination portal (e-mail and fax are not acceptable).

For inquiries regarding this recognition, that are not addressed here or on the FAQs page, contact Senior Editor Brittney Meredith-Miller.

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