Looking for Cover: How Are Courts Applying Insurance to Business Interruption Claims Caused by the Pandemic
Date & Time
Thursday, May 6, 2021, 3:00 PM - 3:45 PM

Recent rulings in Florida and North Carolina suggest that courts may continue to find coverage for the business interruption incidents caused by the pandemic.  The panel  will look to provide some perspective on what this could mean for the industry.  Specific points of discussion will include:  

  • Coverage exclusions and how they are applied
  • Analysis of arguments from the plaintiff’s side:  What are they focusing on and what other types of coverage are they going after?
  • Claims investigation: forensic audits; determining real loss costs
  • Examination of the use of traditional claims tools such as EUOs and their value for insurers in the age of COVID


  • Shawn M. Crawley, Senior Vice President, 1st Party Claim - Sompo International