Full Name
Michael Skiba
Job Title
Vice President, International Fraud Strategies
Speaker Bio
Dr. Skiba, also known as Dr. Fraud ®, is an international consultant/expert on financial crime. He worked in the insurance fraud industry for 22 years in various claims, special investigations, and leadership roles for Allstate and Interboro Insurance. He is now an international consultant, trainer, and speaker on fraud and is currently consulting with INFORM, as Vice President of International Counter Fraud Strategies where he oversees global counter fraud projects. International governments, private companies, and colleges regularly call upon him to speak and offer training on his global expertise including recent engagements in South Africa, Brazil, Malaysia, and the Nordics.

He has also been a university professor for 15 years and is currently Department Chair of Fraud Management at Colorado State University Global Campus. He holds an MBA and a PhD with a research focus on economic crime and insurance fraud. He can be seen in many media outlets including NBC News, SiriusXM radio, a monthly publication column “Ask Dr. Fraud”, and recent engagements with The London Telegraph and Fox News Brazil. He is also an instructor for the ATF (U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives) and a member of the Academic Council of the United Nations System. Dr. Fraud is heavily involved as a blogger and in social media channels including Facebook and YouTube. He is also an accomplished author and recently published a ground breaking book entitled “The Psychology of Fraud, which explores the mind of the fraudster. He is also the founder of the Dr. Fraud Training Group where he offers fully online training and certifications on financial crime and is also the producer and host of DFTV, a TV series focused on investigating international scams. www.drfraud.org
Michael Skiba