Full Name
Natalie Mansour
Job Title
Senior Vice President / Chief Operating Officer
National Commercial Services
Speaker Bio
Ms. Mansour is a Partner, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of National Commercial Services. Natalie is a UCLA graduate whose course study emphasized Business, Mathematics and Computer Science, as well as language.

Natalie accepted a partnership position with NCS in 1998 developing new business and forming the Sales Division, Natalie then expanded responsibilities taking on the oversight of daily operations and overall client management.

Natalie’s organizational and industry protocols enabled her to create/implement a 10-step Check-Off System which insures the proper handling of placements from inception to conclusion. The system involves extensive, detail driven file review. The process is proprietary and it enables NCS to provide competitive industry performance.

Natalie’s active involvement as SVP/COO includes a firm belief in the implementation of cutting-edge technology with the clear understanding that client care and quality of service will always command the highest priority at NCS.
Natalie Mansour