Innovation & Discovery Lab 1: Customer Experience
Date & Time
Wednesday, June 26, 2019, 9:20 AM - 10:20 AM
Catherine Reese Machua Millett Jennifer Harrison Darin Reffitt
Today, consumers have more power and choice than ever before and many insurers are making customer experience a major focus. However, consumer trust in insurance companies remains low and reform is needed to simplify and advance the customer experience. This change often starts within the claims organization. In this session presenters will use educational activities to outline the key tactics insurers can employ to simplify and improve customer service.


  • How digital transactions between insureds and insurers affect customer satisfaction
  • Balancing claims efficiency and effectiveness with customer experience
  • Utilizing automation and AI for customer interaction and dealing with the biggest customer pain points
Moderator: Darin M. Reffitt, Vice President of Marketing, SPLICE Software
Catherine Reese-Woodard, Chief Claims Officer, Tower Hill Insurance
Machua Millett, Chief Innovation Officer, FINPRO US, Marsh USA, Inc.
Jennifer Peck, Director, Claims Relationship Management, Aon